Proactive Asset Management

We’re obsessed with details and analysing the numbers

The art of portfolio management

Proactive asset management has always been integral to the service we offer. We were an early adopter of using a managed account service that allows for flexible investment solutions. Deemed evolutionary at its inception in the early 2000s, PMAS gives you immediate access and insight to your portfolio. The combination of our personal portfolio management and PMAS means we respond quickly to market opportunities on your behalf and ensure you get maximum benefits. It also removes the administration burden from clients that is often associated with investing.

Bespoke investment portfolios

There’s no cut and paste process with our investment portfolios. The strategy and investment decisions recommended are developed via in-depth discussions with you, using our knowledge and experience with asset allocation and investment selection.

Investment Process

No investment solution should be ‘set and forget’. Agility is the key to financial success. Our ongoing portfolio service means we frequently review investment decisions to ensure they continue to deliver the best outcomes for you.

We follow these key principles to ensure prudent investment decision-making

  • Genuine active management to achieve optimal client outcomes
  • Comprehensive research by our Independent Investment Committee
  • Accountable asset class-based specialist managers
  • Robust investment risk policies
  • Responsible investment governance

Investment Committee

The power of collective intelligence can’t be underestimated. That’s why we have an independent Investment Committee to provide governance over all investment decisions. We’ve brought together savvy and experienced investment minds with decades of experience in financial markets. And they love to challenge the status-quo. The Committee meets regularly to review market trends, economic events and other developments to ensure investment portfolios are structured appropriately across the mix of asset class-based models. Their responsibility extends to appointing specialist managers to oversee day-to-day decisions and operations of each sector.

Portfolio performance and reporting at your fingertips

Get up close and personal with PMAS. Benefit from an investment reporting system that gives you 24/7 access to your portfolio, so you can access detailed information in an easy-to-read format.

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We take investment advice one step further with our innovative asset management approach. Our comprehensive investment options can be adjusted as your needs change.
It’s tailored with you in mind, so you stay informed. Talk to us and discover how Paradigm Group may benefit your wealth management plans.