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A flexible and responsive investment platform

An insight

It’s our duty to always act in your best interest. And this is one of the reasons why we developed the PMAS. We wanted to ensure that our clients had access to an investment platform that was developed to be flexible and responsive to market conditions. A platform that had the capability to meet the growing and diverse needs of our client base. Putting your interests first is at the core of our values, and the PMAS was one way for us to ensure we could always deliver on that promise.

The importance of asset allocation

Most investor portfolios include exposure to a range of asset classes that align with a client’s investment profile. These include:

Australian Shares | International Shares | Fixed Interest | Listed Property Trusts | Alternative Assets

By partnering with Paradigm Group, you may invest in professionally managed model portfolios for each of these major asset classes.

Each of these models has clear objectives and rules that are monitored by the Investment Committee to provide an optimal outcome for investors over the long term. The Investment Committee oversees the models and subsequent investment decisions without impacting on the timing of these investment decisions so that your investments can always be proactively managed.

Your Paradigm Group Advisor provides the overlay that matches the blend of model portfolios to achieve the desired asset allocation to allow you to meet your financial objectives.

How the PMAS works

The PMAS combines the benefits of scale and technological advances so you may access investments not generally available to individual investors. It also delivers daily on-line reporting and portfolio information.

This platform allows portfolio changes in response to corporate actions (such as rights issues, share purchase plans, and share buy backs) and market movements. All without the need for you to review documents, complete forms or transfer funds.

The technology we’ve developed means quick and decisive action is taken when needed. This delivers better outcomes for you based on your investment strategy.

Benefits of the PMAS service

  • Decision-making overseen by a highly experienced independent Investment Committee process
  • Proactive and agile investment management by asset class-based specialists appointed by the Investment Committee
  • Transparency in portfolio holdings and investment activity
  • Efficient decision making and implementation of corporate actions to deliver tax effective outcomes
  • Portfolios developed based on your unique investment strategy with tailoring
  • Preparation of fully reconciled year-end tax reporting for accounting efficiencies
  • Targeted performance over longer term against benchmarks
  • Online reporting – 24/7 access via an online portal
  • Retain beneficial ownership of securities
  • Straight-forward transfers of existing securities into the service

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