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A relationship-focused approach to capture all wealth management solutions

Be prepared to engage on a personal level

Scratching the surface in conversations just isn’t in our nature. The foundation of exceptional wealth advice lies in getting to know you. Sure, we’ll explore your financial position and your current and future goals, but we also want to get to know the real you. And this is how we start every new client relationship.

Planning for the future

Wealth advice is about being proactive and prepared for anything that life throws at us. And it’s vital that we protect our family and investments in the process. Wealth advisory planning encompasses a wide range of situations we may experience. These include; selling a business, receiving an inheritance, planning for retirement, insuring against unexpected events, and managing aged care decisions for yourself or a family member.

Our wealth advisory process

There’s power in process and we’ve spent years refining our wealth advisory service to provide a relationship-focused approach that works.

Aged care

We assist you to navigate the complicated aged care system. Making decisions for ourselves or our loved ones may be a difficult and emotional process. Professional wealth management advice includes financial and taxation considerations to ensure informed decisions. By seeking advice in advance, you plan for the future and avoid issues that often arise. We provide advice and support to deliver outcomes that work for your family. We help remove emotion from the decision-making process, so it’s easier for you.

Authentic conversations and genuine relationships. We get to know you.”

Personal and business insurance

Planning for unexpected events is an integral part of the wealth advice process as it’s necessary to provide a safeguard for your family and income. A change in situation may mean emotional upheaval, and prior planning helps to remove the financial stress that may arise. Depending on your circumstances, you may need insurances that cover both business and personal needs. Personal insurances include income protection, disability cover, trauma, and life insurance. If you’re running a business, you may consider key man insurance to enable your business to operate in your absence. Our specialist Risk Advisors can help you find an appropriate level of cover that considers all unexpected situations.

Meet our Advisors

We have conversations with you that matter. Conversations that are important when considering your family’s wellbeing and financial security. We build relationships because beliefs, attitudes, and goals are inextricably linked to financial success.