Advice that covers all aspects of wealth management

You’ll get unparalleled service because we pair old-school experience with contemporary thinking

A forward-thinking wealth perspective

We’re not your average wealth team. Our relationship focus is our strength and it sets us apart. You can feel confident in our wealth management offering because we’ve built a dynamic and distinctive environment that encourages out-of-the-box thinking.

Our goal is to keep the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking alive, because that’s what resonates with our clients. For over 15 years, we’ve been finding ways to make wealth management easier. And we’re not afraid to try something new if it means a better experience for you.

We lead with thoughtful advice and practical wisdom, and we’re always looking for new ways to help you on your wealth management journey. Our investment philosophy stems from a fundamental belief that genuine active funds management is the most appropriate investment style.

Asset Management

A key difference in Paradigm Group’s offering is our investment management approach.

The Paradigm Managed Account Service (PMAS) is a proactive, transparent and efficient managed account service. The PMAS was adopted in 2009 and was described as evolutionary at the time of inception for its numerous, adaptable benefits for investors. In simple terms, it cuts the red tape and offers the ability for portfolios to be realigned and rebalanced without delay. It continues to be regarded as a premium choice for portfolio management.

Taking decisive action when markets change may have a significant impact on investment balances. And this is what PMAS offers you. With this service, our independent Investment Committee make proactive decisions on your behalf, so you can avoid lengthy paperwork and time-consuming processes usually associated with portfolio adjustments.

We also give you the opportunity to invest in bespoke portfolios that would generally be reserved for wholesale investors. Our portfolios span all investment asset classes, and investment models and decisions are overseen by our Investment Committee.

Wealth Advisory

Our wealth advisory service always starts with a conversation. Getting to know you is one of the most important things we can do to ensure our wealth management service is the best fit. Wealth advisory covers the whole spectrum of high-level wealth management.

  • Aged Care
  • Life-cycle advice
  • Estate planning
  • Receiving an inheritance
  • Selling a business
  • Retirement planning
  • Personal insurance and business insurance

Each of these are integral to the bigger picture. Our advisory team are wealth curators, and they’re experienced in all aspects of wealth management advice.

We appreciate the role of family members in the wealth management process and understand that robust discussions about money may raise emotions. Believe us, we get it. We manage these conversations with empathy and respect so that everyone has a voice. Every individual and their family dynamics are different and an outside perspective can help remove emotions.


In the constantly evolving superannuation environment, technical experience coupled with practical solutions may make all the difference to your retirement savings. Many investors are turning to self-managed super funds (SMSFs) to gain greater control over their retirement assets.

Choosing to manage your own superannuation assets is a decision that should be thoroughly investigated. There are legal obligations and responsibilities, and the cost of setting up and operating an SMSF should be evaluated against proposed investment returns.

Whether you’re considering an SMSF or have been operating one for some time, specialist advice to assist with decision making and compliance is key. We can review your existing SMSF to ensure it’s been structured in a tax efficient manner and that you’re compliant with all legislative requirements. For new SMSFs, our consultation service, together with strategic advice will ensure that every aspect of establishing and operating your SMSF is carefully considered.

Our team of SMSF specialists have been supporting clients in structuring, managing and growing their superannuation for more than 15 years.

The value of professional advice

Obtaining professional advice may deliver favourable outcomes that would be hard to replicate using your own knowledge and experience. All members of our well-regarded advisory team are specialists in their respective fields. Just as you would seek out a doctor for medical assistance or a lawyer for legal help, we are best placed to help you navigate your wealth management decisions.

We focus on relationships

Long term relationships are our thing. And we focus on you to develop strategies for your wealth management plan. We believe that building relationships brings better results

Our advice offering

Meet our Advisors

We have conversations with you that matter. Conversations that are important when considering your family’s wellbeing and financial security. We build relationships because beliefs, attitudes, and goals are inextricably linked to financial success.