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You’ll never be just a number at Paradigm Group. We believe in long-term relationships and know the journey is just as important as the destination.

We’re with you every step of the way. From initial conversation through to implementation and then ongoing reviews, you’ll find our approach refreshing. Making a difference in our clients’ lives is firmly entrenched in the way we work.

We’re a Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) approved professional practice. This means we hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards. We’re committed to maintaining this accreditation. Our Advisors are all registered with the Tax Practitioner Board (TPB) and hold relevant degree qualifications.

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If you’re looking for advice that will take you beyond the status quo, we can help. By showing innovation in an industry that typically stays within the lines means we’ve achieved more, and our clients have worried less.

  • High net worth individuals and family groups
  • Not for profit organisations
  • Wholesale and institutional investors
  • Families that need multi-generational advice
  • Investable assets of $2M – $5M and beyond

We’re taking investing to the next level for clients like you. Our clients are like family, and we’re fortunate to still work with clients who have been with us from day one.

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We help individuals and families with wealth management solutions that work for them now, and into the future. Our focus on building long-term relationships means you get the benefit of solutions that are developed for your individual circumstances. Whether you need asset management, wealth advisory, or SMSF consulting, we’ve got your short and long-term aspirations covered.

You won’t find a typical approach here. And we don’t say goodbye once we deliver our recommendations, we’re in it for the long haul.

Imagine feeling certainty and control in an area that’s often filled with stress and complexity. We keep you informed so you’re always comfortable with your investment decisions, no matter the behaviour of financial markets.

Case Study

We take a look at a couple in their early 60s

Barry and Sophie are both aged in their early 60’s; with Barry retired and Sophie still working in an executive role. Whilst enjoying a great lifestyle, they decided to seek advice on their current position and retirement intentions.

Both Super accounts were in retail funds (high growth) in Accumulation phase. They also held a substantial share portfolio and surplus cash in a bank account. Sophie intends to retire within the next 12 months.

They engaged Paradigm Group for insight and transparency into their overall wealth position. A key concern was whether they held sufficient assets to fund their long term retirement needs. Paradigm Group undertook a comprehensive analysis for Barry and Sophie. The following was highlighted:

  • Their risk profiles were not consistent with their existing Super funds asset mix. They were identified as ‘moderately conservative’ investors, (remember their Super funds were in high growth funds).
  • Barry’s super fund was in Accumulation phase, which was not tax effective.

Therefore, Paradigm Group assisted with the following strategies:

  • Established an SMSF which provided greater flexibility, transparency and control.
  • The retail funds were then rolled into an SMSF.
  • Assisted with non-concessional contributions to the maximum limited of $300,000 each; made up of cash and shares, whilst being mindful of Capital Gains Tax implications.
  • An account based pension was established for Barry.

To assist with their longer-term retirement needs, we also provided some cash flow projections showing the impact of their investment capital of withdrawing a pension in line with their requirements.

By seeking our advice, we provided Barry and Sophie with a clear strategic plan now, and for the future. We were able to highlight some flaws with their current structures and importantly rectified these to ensure all assets were achieving the best possible outcomes.

Barry and Sophie are also now educated and have a clear path in relation to their retirement plan and how they may achieve their desired retirement income.

Getting your SMSF back on track

Bill and Betty were co-Directors of their SMSF trustee. Their Accountant had established an SMSF for them, together with a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (LRBA) to facilitate SMSF borrowing to acquire a property through their fund.

Bill unfortunately later became ill and was unable to work. This led to issues relating to loan repayments. In addition, constant stress at home eventually led to their marriage falling apart. They approached Paradigm Group to assist with the appropriate splitting of their superannuation entitlements and to arrange for fund documentation to be amended to reflect that.

Upon delivering our recommendations, Paradigm Group were engaged to undertake these works and conduct a full analysis of all fund operations.

As a result of this analysis, we identified that the LRBA was incorrectly established which impacted on the SMSFs stamp duty exemption upon beneficial ownership transfer from the LRBA to the SMSF upon the loan being extinguished.

These issues were communicated to Bill and Betty and as a result Paradigm Group were then asked to remedy this situation via facilitating the redrafting of pertinent legal documents and liaising with ASIC and the ATO in this regard.

In total, Paradigm Group were able to assist with:

  • The splitting of superannuation entitlements accordingly between the two members
  • Re-establising accurate legal documentation so that the loan arrangement could continue without legal impediment
  • Orchestrate appropriate insurance coverage for the remaining member to ensure loan repayments would be met should defaulting on future loan repayments become a problem
  • Notify the authorities (ASIC and ATO) of the changes made and liaise with them on behalf of the Trustee
  • Educate the Trustee around relevant SMSF regulation and their Trustee obligations

The Fund continues to operate today in a legal and compliant manner.

Moving into Aged Care and selling the former family home – Anne

Anne (Aged 87) feels she is finding it difficult to manage on her own. After a government assessment (ACAS) and a family meeting with Paradigm Group, Anne has decided to move into an aged care home which has a published RAD price of $500,000. Anne has sold her family home and as a result freed up proceeds of $700,000 to fund the RAD. Anne has $200,000 left over after sale of the former family home.

Anne would like to know if she will have enough money to cover aged care fee’s after moving into care?

Anne will be required to pay a basic daily fee of $57.14 or $20,856 per annum (every resident pay’s this amount which is equal to 85% of the aged pension). In addition to the daily fee, Anne will pay a Means Tested Fee. The fee payable depends on the level of Anne’s income and assets. In Anne’s case, her means tested fee will be $23.55 per day or $8,596 per annum (the Means tested fee is subject to a lifetime limit of $66,078). If Anne invests her remaining savings in an interest-bearing account earning say 2.4%, she should receive approximately $4,800 per annum in interest. A summary of income and expenses are shown below :


Aged Pension $23,451
Interest Income $4,800
Total $28,251


Basic Daily Care Fee $18,692
Means Tested Fee $8,596
Total $27,288
Surplus: $963


In this case, Anne has enough income to support ongoing care costs. By seeking advice, Anne and her family are prepared for the future and are comfortable with funding Anne’s aged care costs.

* Rates above are applicable as at May 2019. Where there are no existing assets other than the former home, the home can be sold to fund entry into an Aged Care Home, this entry fee is known as a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD).

When a client speaks, we listen

Making a difference to you is what matters most
Karl Fender, OAM
The professional and personalised approach of Paradigm Group in managing my financial assets has provided me with great peace of mind. Their effective investment approach, together with the trusted relationship with my Advisor has allowed me to focus on my business affairs, with the knowledge that all financial decisions are being made in my best interests, in a timely and proactive manner. Paradigm Group communicates directly and effectively with my accountant to deliver a highly valued and complete service.
Apr 2019
Kerry Laidlaw
Paradigm Group has provided me with investment ideas that I consider unique and have added significant value over time. Paradigm has successfully grown the value of my investment assets through a diversified and dynamic investment approach, and provided me with specific opportunities that create a distinction between Paradigm and other financial organisations. I am confident that Paradigm Group’s robust and sophisticated investment process, supported by respected industry professionals, will continue to deliver an outcome that is consistent with my objective of wealth creation over the long term. Paradigm’s administrative capability provides accurate and reliable data for the efficient preparation of my income tax requirements.
Mar 2019
Peter Maddison
“Paul Hewins from the Paradigm Group discussed the implications of my Mother in Law either retaining or selling her family home as she entered aged care. He also undertook a review of rental expectations, her Aged Care fees and Accommodation Bond. These discussions gave my wife and I confidence that we are making the best decisions for her. We can recommend Paradigm as well informed and helpful”
Mar 2019
Paul Cooney
Paradigm Group has assisted me in the management of my financial affairs for over 15 years. Over this period, I have sold a business and retired, and Paradigm has been a consistent provider of complex strategic advice across a variety of entities in which investment assets are held. Paradigm has also assisted in the analysis of investment opportunities that I have initiated, and I value their input, together with their experience and integrity. I consider my retirement assets are soundly and sensibly managed to achieve my long term goals. Paradigm Group engages with me on a regular basis and assists in the education process that provides me with a comprehensive understanding of my investments and their value in my overall wealth management strategy.
Mar 2019

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